Just to made head burn

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Just to made head burn

Post  AbadoonLa on Sun Jun 30, 2013 12:57 am


Hello my nuubs <3
As always i come to forum just to speak of important things...
I am sick to see how a few group of people use this forum to silence their enemis and share tweaks/bugs and more...
Yeah wake up Igg
How you guys think all servers have same tweaks and every1 know bugs... how do you think the info go server by server to few people... and made TOP2 a tweak game easy the Forum... created to help new players.. ehm to share info? Igg can share info by FB page and help by guides...
Forum its out of control... i saw some people who wana be moderator or judge and get kicked by the actual mod/judge team Yes this forum should be called "La cosa nostra" many people gonna ask for prove this... but i really dont need wasted time this is just a notice
]take care
this post will be flamed and deleted
Have fun ruining TOP2 with tweaks like this anti Flash bombs/seals

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